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The property market sees an uptick in sales as the temperatures rise, making the warmer months an ideal time for would-be sellers to spring clean their homes and prepare for listing on the market. There are some things that homeowners can do to get their homes in show day condition and ensure that the property stands out in the current competitive real estate environment. 

First impressions count – When it comes to property appearances matter – so make it count in the right way. If buyers have the choice between two homes in an area that offer similar features and are within the same price bracket, then the determining factor that will distinguish one home from the other will be the look and buyer’s overall first impression of the property.

The first impression of a home is created by the prospective buyers’ sensory perception of the property. It will be based on what they see, hear, smell and feel when they first enter the home. All of these elements will contribute to and influence the overall feel of the home, which will generate an emotional response. If this experience is positive and results in a favourable impression, it is more likely that the buyer will feel compelled to make an offer.

Get a trusted second opinion – Homeowners often have an emotional attachment to their home, often making it difficult to have an objective view. Because of this, it’s advisable to call in a second opinion about what improvements might need to be made to get the home show day ready. Rather than avoiding input from others, seek out honest opinions that focus on both the home’s good points as well as the bad. If you are worried about possible conflict with friends or family, a trusted estate agent will give their honest and direct opinion regarding what should be done to make the home more marketable.

Spring clean, means clean – Once the areas of improvement are identified, it is time to put in the work and clean and make the necessary changes to the home. Apart from washing and scrubbing the home, spring cleaning also entails decluttering.

Attention should be paid to every detail in the home, ensuring that even the slightest cracked window pane is replaced. Buyers will specifically be looking for things that are wrong with the home.  Remember that the home is competing with others in the area, so it is imperative that every effort is made to ensure the home is in its best condition.

Allow buyers to picture themselves living there – Make buyers feel as welcome as possible in the home. Potential buyers need the space to be able to view the home at their leisure and be able to visualise themselves living in there. Packing away personal items and photos will make buyers feel more at ease as it will help buyers to see themselves in the home. It is also best to decorate or paint the home in neutral, muted colours with only a few well-placed items to add interest and warmth. A vase with some fresh flowers or potpourri in the bathroom will aesthetically enhance the home. Home decor magazines are a great resource for tips.

Get rid of bad odours – Unpleasant odours can potentially drive prospective buyers away so ensure that the home smells inviting. Traces of food, pets or smoking and other disagreeable odours can kill deals fast.

Ensuring the home is show day ready will be a vital element in setting the property apart from others in the neighbourhood and will give you an advantage in a competitive real estate market. 

*Advice sourced from Grant Rea, Certified Sales and Letting Specialist at RE/MAX Living.

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