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If you want to achieve the optimum results when putting your home on the market, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Due to the current difficult economic conditions that many South Africans are facing, many buyers are adopting a wait-and-see approach to the housing sector. With a smaller pool of buyers in the market, sellers need to focus on showcasing their home’s best features to gain a competitive edge and realise the property’s true sales potential.

To sell a home at the best possible price within the best possible time frame requires two crucial elements -  the right real estate professional and some effort on your part as the seller.

There is no need to completely change your existing home or embark on a costly renovation project – it is simply about looking at ways to highlight your home’s key selling points. If done in the right way, subtle changes can make a big difference. Well-chosen, contemporary updates can revamp the entire home giving it a modern, fresh look and feel, without breaking the bank. A new coat of paint and tidying up is already a great start to ensuring that the home is in show-day condition.

Here are a few additional pointers to get your home in top form on show day:


Often considered to be the heart of the home, the kitchen is possibly one of the most important areas. For many buyers, the kitchen can be the deciding factor as to whether or not they decide to purchase the home. An updated kitchen will increase the perceived value of the home and leave a lasting impression.

The kitchen will be completely reinvented and modernised by refurbishing the countertops and cupboards. Updating large appliances will also breathe new life into the space. Adding an island is also a functional way to add to the room’s aesthetic appeal, while entirely changing the area’s dynamic with additional counter space.


Another area in the home that draws buyers in or has them heading for the door. Not much needs to be done in a bathroom for it to feel completely different. Just by changing the taps to a more contemporary style or adding a mirror can freshen up the look and alter the space. Modern lighting can also change the feel of the room and breathe fresh life into an outdated area.

Storage and organisation

While dependent on the space and layout of the home, installing additional cupboards or storage space will be a practical way to create a selling feature. Buyers are often looking for homes with ample storage capacity, so an extra cupboard, expanding existing cupboards or a walk-in pantry can become an extra selling point. Built–in shelves or a wall unit in areas with a lot of open wall space can also be a unique and interesting feature.  These are relatively easy to install and will be a functional addition that could give the home added interest.    


If the home has carpets, they should be in good repair and professionally cleaned. Cleaning the carpets will make them look good and leave the whole house smelling great. If the carpets are not in a good state, depending on what’s underneath it might be worthwhile to have them lifted. Many older homes will have wooden flooring underneath the carpeting, which can be sanded and revarnished. Wooden floors have always been a timeless feature that has once again come into fashion. In the instance where the home does not already have wooden floors, synthetic alternatives are available that look similar but cost far less. The right kind of flooring will make a room appear larger, and it will completely revamp the area’s look and feel.

Outside areas and garden

A buyer’s first impression of the home is based on the outside of the home. Features such as decks and patios can impress. However, they aren’t always in the budget and are not necessarily needed to make the garden look good. A garden that is neat and well-kept will make an outstanding impression with buyers.

Making sure that the home is in its best condition before it is listed will your chances of standing out from the crowd and achieving their highest possible selling price.

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