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The gates are closed and there is a security guard onsite – I should be safe, right? The unfortunate reality is that this is most often untrue. Many buyer’s take for granted that the security or concierge at the front desk is well-trained and familiar with policies and procedures for access control. The fact is, this is often simply not the case.

If you want to make sure your apartment block is truly secure, you need to dig a little deeper than just what you can see. If the block has manned security and a reception desk, engage directly with the person on duty and ascertain their level of efficiency. Find out whether they can answer specific questions about the building, access control policies, and evacuation procedures.

Beyond this, there are four questions that you should find the answers to before you can rest assured that you are as safe as you think you are:

#1 What is the general state of the foyer and front desk?
If the space is cluttered, dirty and unkept, the overall state of the block should come into question. After all, if they’re not putting in the effort to maintain the lobby, then how can you be sure they’re putting in the effort to train their security staff?

#2 How easy is it for a non-resident to gain access to the block?
There ought to be strict security access control for visitors and contractors, otherwise the security system is just about pointless.

#3 How long has the security staff been employed?
It is helpful to note how long the security or reception staff have been employed on this site, or if the staff are generally rotated. A high turnover of staff should raise concern. Staff become more familiar with the property and its residents the longer they remain working on the property, which means that they are more likely to pick up suspicious activity than new employees.

#4 Is the service outsourced or is the block employing the person directly?

It is often the case that security employed directly by the complex’s body corporate is more interested in its well-being. If the service is outsourced, it is advisable to do a bit of research on the company to confirm that it is a reputable firm.

It can be difficult to find apartment blocks with adequate security, so it is always advisable to play it safe and make sure your own apartment has decent security of its own.  

*Advice sourced from Grant Rea, Certified Sales and Letting Specialist at RE/MAX Living.

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