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Out of the 261 working days this year, most of us are eagerly anticipating those few December leave days that we’ve worked so hard for. Unfortunately, many of us forget to think ahead and ensure that money has been set aside to allow us to make the most of the holiday season. If you happen to find yourself in this same hopelessly undersupplied boat sailing towards holiday bankruptcy, here are a few cost-effective ways to bring the fun to you and entertain from home:

1) Traditional Bring & Braai’s
Quite conveniently, South Africans’ favourite pastime also happens to be one of the most affordable ways of entertaining. And, this time of the year, the weather could not be more perfect for an outdoor gathering. Invite some friends over for a bring & braai. The only thing you’ll need to provide is the fire, some cutlery, and the gees. If you don’t have any outdoor space, then fry some wors on your stove, buy some rolls, switch on the rugby and host an indoor braai.

2) Trendy Tasting Parties 
Another way to lure people to your place is to invite them to a blind wine tasting. In this case, the only thing you’ll need to supply are the wine glasses. Each guest is invited to bring their own bottle of wine which they hand to you upon arrival. As the host, you cover the labels of the bottles (in tin foil, paper, or anything you have at home) and fill everyone’s glasses with mystery wine. Guests then rate each bottle and try and guess the cultivar. At the end of the night, the labels are revealed and the ratings are tallied to reveal which bottle was the crowd favourite. This game works best if there are a variety of price points in the wine selection, as this often leaves any wine snobs in the room rather shocked at the results.

3) Funky Fondue Nights
While it’s not the social norm to ask your friends to bring ingredients for a meal you’ll share together, it is widely acceptable to ask them to bring their favourite dunking treat for a chocolate or cheese fondue. All you’ll need to supply is a fondue set, some chocolate/cheese and a splash of milk. The great thing about this is that you don’t need a lot of space to host a night like this. If you don’t have a dining room set where everyone can sit around to dip their treats, then set up an Asian-inspired indoor picnic in your lounge or, weather permitting, set up the set in your backyard.

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